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True Colors Symphony

Annual Concert

True Colors Symphony (TCS), which is the largest inclusive orchestra in Hong Kong, promotes the idea of “Be True, Be Colors” and it is our differences that make us shine.

It aims to promote true inclusiveness, harmony, and respect for people from all walks of lives in our society and members of the symphony included people with visual or hearing impairment, physical disabilities, autism, intellectually challenges, senior citizens, ethnic minorities, youth, and families. 

True Colors

November 5, 2023

Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Every person has a story of overcoming challenges in their own way, while we always overlooked the chance to be inspired daily by our heroes from all walks of life. It is our differences which make our community richly colorful

Featuring performances by Canadian one-armed Violinist Adrian Anantawan, Mandy Harvey, a deaf singer-songwriter who won the America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzerand local singer Bill Ng, the finalist of ‘Midlife, Sing & Shine!’ empowers the message of ‘Be True, Be Colors’.

Conductor Quek Ling Kiong, conductor Homer Lee, pianist Dr. Elsa Lee, violist Li Ming, cellist Laurent Perrin, as well as three rising differently-abled musicians – Yijie Ding, Hin Lee and Enhua Yang, will share the stage with members of True Colors Symphony.

Join us to be uplifted by the ‘colors’ all around us, expressed through notes by True Colors Symphony. Discover for yourself the heroism in ordinary acts of courage, perseverance and bringing people together through music.


Silver Screen Serenade

October 8, 2022

Academic Community Hall,

Hong Kong Baptist University

Being awarded the Academy Awards has always been the dream of all filmmakers. Stars shines in front of the silver screen, however, have you ever imagined how many hard works paid behind the scene? The True Colors Symphony is taking audiences go back, featuring some of the most memorable film music of all time.


Renowned pianist Colleen Lee will be joining us as our collaborative pianist, together with three rising visually impaired soloists Yijie Ding, Michelle Siu and Ethan Yang. Having performances in different combinations, from intergenerational duos, to our newly formed chamber groups and finally the 80 people orchestra, gathering together, we celebrate differences through music.

True Colors Symphony, Annual Concert

Dream Beyond

July 8, 2021

Concert Hall,

Hong Kong Cultural Centre

What is your ideal world like? True Colors Symphony presents you our perfect world with music, where we leap through various difficulties, beyond our limits, to proudly be true and be colors.

We are happy to have invited the renowned Cantopop veteran singer-songwriter George Lam to perform for us. Pop star Phil Lam will also be joining us with amazing melodies on his saxophone. Renowned pianist Nancy Loo, together with soprano with visual impairment Michelle Siu, as well as three rising differently-abled musicians Yijie Ding, Ethan Yang and Daniel Lei, will share the stage with members of True Colors Symphony.

Repertoire ranges from Cantopop classics like the affectionate “Every Single Night”, the uplifting “A Man Should Strengthen Himself”, to heart-warming “A Million Dreams” and also one of the most love Disney tunes “A Whole New World” from Aladdin. You are more than welcome to join our all-inclusive music feast and dream beyond with us on this east-meets-west musical journey!

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When You Believe

January 12, 2020

Concert Hall

Hong Kong Cultural Centre

True Colors Symphony held its very first concert on January 12th, 2020 at Hong Kong Cultural Centre. With the aim of advocating #BeTrue #BeColors, we integrate musicians from all walks of life to serve as one, promoting mutual acceptance and harmony in our society.


Music knows no boundaries – our musicians have harnessed their talents and came together on this unique platform for the greater good. As the lyrics of our theme song said, “There can be miracles when you believe.” it is When You Believe, change will occur, and everything is possible. Proceeds from the concerts benefited music training programs and scholarships for local students with financial or special needs.

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