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PMA Music Foundation

Music to serve | Music to heal | Music to enjoy | Music to inspire

Founded in 2003, PMA Music Foundation (PMF) works with renowned musicians and inspirational figures around the world to touch lives through music, to bring hope and care to the needy ones. As of today, having organized over 120 events in Hong Kong, the beneficiaries comprised more than 20 local or global social organizations which serve children of blind, deaf, autism, mentally or physically handicapped, cancer, illiterates, children from deprived family as well as the elderly. PMF also founded the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong which became an independent charity in 2007.

PMA realized the impact of music as a means to educate the young generation. Music Angel Program initiative was launched and aimed to groom a serving heart in the young generation by using music to connect the children with the community. Performance visits were organized at local NGO centres serving various disadvantaged groups. In view to educating the young generation with good values and positive living attitudes via music, PMF joined hands with international and local inspirational figures namely Nick Vujicic, violinist Cho-liang Lin, one-handed violinist Adrian Anantawan, local visually impaired pianist Li Hin and many others.

Curating events in multi dimensions or disciplines is one of the core strengths of PMF. From classical music with animation, drama, to dance, PMF continues to inspire creativity and explore the limitless of music by having classical music events crossovered with different art forms bringing new perspective and new experience to local audience. A series of flash mob performances are being organized since 2014 and performance videos are being uploaded to the Internet to share with audiences near and far. A new initiative “Music in the City” is also established of which children are bringing orchestral music performance to elderly homes touching lives of the elderly cultivating their empathy and thankfulness.

Having collaborated with Nick Vujicic intended to bring good music with motivational message to inspire people from all walks of life to dream big, never give up, and seek for greater purpose in life, PMF continued to work along with Nick Vujicic and published a series of children books having different themes on love, dream, faith and anti-bullying. A music album is also published and shared to public for free.

In 2019 January, Music Angel Program initiative is continued and expanded by Music Angel Orchestra. No longer being limited to serve the local disadvantaged group in Hong Kong with music performances, ensemble training is offered to local autistic students who show potential in music in view to equipping them with performance skill and experience as well as establishing a new identity for them in society.




Ignatius Ho

Ignatius possesses a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and practices as a Certified Public Accountant for many years. In 2003, out of his passion in education, he took off his public accountant hat and founded two charities, the PMA Music Foundation and the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of HK, in view to serving the community via music.

Our world is imperfect in many ways; yet, music could always be a blessing and support to bring hope to people from all walks of life. As a universal language, not only does the limitless of music lead us to a new perspective towards life, but also heal our soul and nurture an admirable heart. Via music, one could be healed, be served, be inspired and be amused.

Ignatius is dedicated to sowing seeds of music in the younger generation. Through music, we nurture thankful and serving hearts. Through music, we make a difference by doing small things with passion. Through music, we are inspired to be a miracle to others.

Founded the orchestra with “Music Excellence with a Soul” as motto, Ignatius is convinced to use music as a platform to inspire and to educate the young generation. Since the orchestra establishment, music connects the orchestra with various admirable souls and inspiring figures, including limbless life warrior Nick Vujicic, 4-fingered pianist Lee Hee-Ah (Korea), one-handed violinist Adrian Anantawan (Canada), local blind singer Pinky Li and visually impaired pianist Li Hin.

Ignatius is also the chief editor of his 4 children storybooks, Give me a Hug, Dream Big, Believe, Belong, Become, and Make A Difference. In 2013, he also published a music album, Dear Lord, for Nick Vujicic.