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True Colors Symphony

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#Be True #Be Colors
It is our differences that make us shine

True Colors Symphony (TCS) nurtures the musical talent of the differently-abled and provides them with various platforms to shine. Being the largest all-inclusive orchestra in Hong Kong, we encourage interactions between people of different backgrounds. Our members include children, teenagers, adults, senior citizens, ethnic minorities, the visually-impaired, hearing-impaired, physically-impaired, students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), or other special educational needs. Advocating “Be True, Be Colors” and strongly believes that social inclusion is reciprocal.

Education is to lead out one's potential to show us what they are capable of instead of what they are expected to be. We are convinced that the world needs more empathy for a better place and positive values are to be instilled in children at a young age. Every one of us should be given the opportunity to experience and the exposure to interact with people who are different. 

TCS has reached several milestones, expanding its impact online and spreading the message of inclusion to more people on one hand, and exploring new performance platforms for musicians with different abilities on the other. Various chambers were formed, involving players with different abilities, pop, and professional musicians. They performed in two of our music videos, one of which was fully supported by Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong, Sony Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Disneyland. We also collaborated with Hong Kong Arts Festival – No Limits and the renowned composer Yin Ng this year. Led by the internationally sought-after conductor Wilson Ng, we performed the world premiere “Playground” together with experienced Jazz musicians and players of Chinese and ethnic instruments online to celebrate uniqueness and diversity.

Annual Concert


True Colors Symphony (TCS), which is the largest inclusive orchestra in Hong Kong, promotes the idea of “Be True, Be Colors” and it is our differences that make us shine.

It aims to promote true inclusiveness, harmony, and respect for people from all walks of lives in our society and members of the symphony included people with visual or hearing impairment, physical disabilities, autism, intellectually challenges, senior citizens, ethnic minorities, youth, and families. 

Music Angel Orchestra

Music Angel Orchestra was launched in January 2019 under the support of Centum Charitis Foundation and other passionate patrons from the community.

Music Angel Orchestra has entailed regular weekly rehearsals with professional music instructors and certified therapists for local students with autism and special educational needs. Students are granted more exposure and opportunities which boost their social skills and self-confidence through the program. 


Chamber Group

tcs chamber.jpeg

Five chamber groups, i.e. piano strings, wind/ brass chamber, pop band, TCS mixed chamber, MAO chamber were formed to reach out to the international audience. The chamber groups have collaborated with Sony Music and Hong Kong Disneyland on an MV project and were invited by Hong Kong Arts Festival – No Limits to perform for the world-premiere “Playground” with local musicians.

Green Music Program

Promoting environmentally friendly practices by holding workshops for making musical instruments with recycled materials and improving cross-generation cohesion through an age-friendly percussion program.

green music

Beats in the City

beats in the city.JPG

Offering training for the young generation to teach the elderly in nursing homes to compose and play simple beats integrating meridian points massage with body percussion to promote better physical and mental well-being, as well as social connectedness.

True Colors @ School

Establishing holistic music and moral education platform with participating schools by creating interactive musical activities involving the five senses and connecting students with differently abled people.

adrian_school hk.jpeg

Train the Trainer

train the trainer.JPG

A professional and systematic teacher training program for educators in the field of performing arts to enhance their knowledge and practical skills in teaching and facilitating the development of autistic and SEN students through music intervention.

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