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"Loving Family"
Beats Competition

Enrollment Period: January 6, 2023 - February 20, 2023
Voting Period: March 10, 2023 - March 20, 2023

Voting Details

Vote for the "Most Popular Video Award"

During the voting period, videos that receive the most "Likes" will win the award.

> Voting Details

- Voting period: From Now to Mar 20, 2023 6:00pm

- "Like" received after the cut-off time will not be counted

> How to Vote:

Step 1️ - “Like” True Colors Symphony Facebook Page (Link:

Step 2️ - Follow True Colors Symphony Instagram (Link:

Step 3️ - Vote by clicking“Like” in the post of your favourite video on True Colors Symphony Facebook page

Complete the above 3 steps to vote. Your vote counts!

> Entrants (listed in no particular order):


Group Name: 馬鞍山三嫲孫
Video Link:
Video Introduction: 《三代同堂賀團年》大除夕夜,一家人返到嫲嫲屋企,齊吃團年飯。孫女被香味


Group Name: Rocking Chungs
Video Link:
Video Introduction: Rocking Chungs全家為你帶嚟充滿強勁節拍嘅We Will Rock You!我哋5個每人都有自己嘅角色,請特別支持拎掃把拍打嘅婆婆!佢將佢最熟悉嘅家務工具變成樂器,同我哋一齊玩一齊笑,俾啲掌聲婆婆!!


Group Name: 「耆」樂融融
Video Link:
Video Introduction: 一家三代,從室内拍到室外;笑容滿面,盡顯活力與關愛


Group Name: 年又過年
Video Link:
Video Introduction: 年,又過年。被疫情分隔兩地三年的兩婆孫,終於可以見面。讓我們一齊在節拍聲中洗邋遢,送走疫情,迎接團圓,歡樂年年!


Group Name: One Two Three GO
Video Link:
Video Introduction: 每一次數1,2,3,就是開始新事物的一個咒語。就像我的岀生,1.23,都是新的一頁,對我、對媽媽、對婆婆也是一樣。願大家都能跟著節奏進入奇妙旅程。


Group Name: 齊齊隊
Video Link:
Video Introduction: 打節奏


Group Name: 以愛為名
Video Link:
Video Introduction: 本片由不同的敲擊樂組合而成,例如籃球拍打地下的聲音、手掌拍打桌子的聲音、廚具互相敲擊的聲音等等。該影片由不同的家庭成員合力完成,每人負責敲擊不同的器具,以致於最後能共同完成影片。更希望藉此表達一個家庭共同合作的重要性,合作才能邁步向前,一同成長。


Group Name: 譚氏一家
Video Link:
Video Introduction: 一家三口,三代同台,歡唱生日快樂歌,讓大家新的一年快樂。


[For Chinese version, please refer to the enrollment form

中文版本比賽規則及詳請 請瀏覽頁尾報名表格連結]

Competition Requirements & Details

❖ To encourage family members of different generations to establish interaction, unite the family, and promote cross-generational inclusiveness
❖ To allow the old and the young to be inventive, unlock their creative minds, and build beautiful memories with family members in the process of collaboration

❖   Family members (A
t least 3 members of different generations, e.g. Grandpa + Father + Grandson)
[Members outside Hong Kong can also enroll, but the contact person (one of the members) should be in Hong Kong]
❖   No age restriction
❖   Number of members: minimum 3, maximum 10
❖   Each entrant can only enroll once and join only one team

Theme and Content
❖   Family love and cross-generational cooperation
❖   Perform body percussion and use household items as percussion instruments to create a music piece with beats and rhythms, and create a short video with it

Competition Schedule
❖   Enrollment period: From Jan 1, 2023 12:00pm HKT to Feb 6, 2023 11:59pm HKT
(Late enrollment will not be entertained)
❖   Result announcement: Feb 27, 2023, on True Colors Symphony Facebook Page
(The winners shall receive a winner notification email for prize redemption arrangement)
❖   Online voting period: From Feb 9, 2023 12:00pm to Feb 22, 2023 11:00am

❖   Steps:
1. Upload the video to YouTube, set it as private, and prepare a shareable video link
2. Fill in the online enrollment form and input the link you prepared
3. Successful entrants will receive a confirmation email in a few days
❖   The contact person should be one of the members
❖   Video should be submitted along with the enrollment form
❖   Free enrollment

❖   Mr. TAI Keen Man
❖   Ms. WOO Shuk Fai, Sophia
❖   Social TV Student Adjudicators
[ Student list: CHAN Cheuk Hei (Student Representative), CHUNG Yiu Ting, LIU Wing On, WONG Yuet Tung, YU Helen ]

Marking Criterion
❖   Family Love and Cross-generation Inclusiveness: 25% (Theme Relevance, Family Cooperation, etc.)
❖   Percussion Skill/Artistic Value: 25% (Rhythm, Creative Use of Household Items, etc.)
❖   Video Production: 25% (Filming Technique, Editing Technique, etc.)
❖   Overall Performance: 25% (Video Presentation, Creativity, etc.)

Video Format
❖   Video length: between 1 minute to 2 minutes (at least 80% should be the percussion performance)
❖   Each member should use at least 1 household item as a percussion instrument AND body percussion to perform
(Regular musical instruments such as piano and string instruments are allowed, but they will not be regarded as household percussion instruments)
❖   Video resolution should be at least 1280 x 720 (720p)
❖   Video should be horizontal instead of vertical
❖   Soundtracks can be added to the video, but the volume should not overwhelm the percussion beats and rhythms
❖   No special requirements on filming equipment
❖   No watermarks and credits are allowed in the video

❖   Champion: $ 2,000 supermarket coupons
❖   1st Runner Up: $1,000 supermarket coupons
❖   4 teams will be rewarded the following outstanding awards, and each team will receive $500 supermarket coupons:
▫     Best Team Award: Selected by adjudicators
▫     Creative Music Award: Selected by adjudicators
▫     Best Editing Award: Selected by adjudicators
▫     Popular Video Award: All videos will be uploaded to True Colors Symphony Facebook Page for online voting  (by Like OR React)

Competition Terms and Conditions apply to the above Requirements and Details. Please refer to the enrollment form for details.

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