Music Angel Orchestra

We are different, yet we are the same

Over the years, PMA Music Foundation has become one of the most trusted and effective charitable foundations, working hard to improve the lives of those in need. ​Inspired by life-changing events with different inspirational figures around the world, Music Angel Orchestra was launched in January 2019 under the support of Centum Charitis Foundation and other passionate patrons from the community. Music Angel Orchestra entails regular weekly rehearsal with professional music instructors and certified music therapist for local students with autism. Students are granted more exposure and opportunities boosting up their social skills and self confidence through the program. 

Weekly rehearsal is taking place every Monday evening at the rehearsal rooms of Hong Kong Cultural Centre under the tutelage of professional and dedicated musicians and certified music therapist. 

If you play a musical instrument and are interested in joining us, please send a 2-3 minute video/ audio clip of your performance to rositalee@pmf.org.hk and michelle.yim.pmf@gmail.com. We shall get in touch with you for more details. 



Meet our dedicated faculty behind the work


Jade Cheung

Program Instructor

During her school years at Royal College of Music and HKAPA, Teacher Jade was a highly eye-catching musician on both performance and teaching. She worked with top-class professional orchestras as well as teaching in various schools in Hong Kong and U.K. Even though with extensive performance and teaching experiences both in and outside Hong Kong, Teacher Jade furthered her studies on completing a Master degree on Counselling. Teacher Jade is a very loving and nurturing teacher. Her lesson is always captivating owing to her character, yet it is also challenging for students as to upkeep the artistic excellence.


Jimmy Fu

Program Instructor

Graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University major in trumpet performance, Teacher Jimmy is an up and rising trumpeter who is in great demand in both classical and jazz. He is one of the founding members of local brass quintet, Fiesta Brass. Jimmy is also a passionate educator. Besides being the wind brass coach at the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong, he also teaches in many local schools. Teacher Jimmy's cheerful character is loved by the students and his classes are always filled with laughter and joy.


Kanice Kwan

Registered Music Therapist (U.K.)

After graduating from the University of Hong Kong majoring in Music & German, Ms Kanice pursued further on her music career by completing a M.A. Music Therapy program at Roehampton University London. Ms  Kanice has been practicing as a music Therapist in various settings incl. schools ranging from kindergarten to secondary schools, working along with people of different age and with different needs, incl. autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), selective mutism (SM), Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Psychotic depression & other mental health issues. Together with over 8 year music teaching experiences, Ms Kanice hopes that her professionalism in both disciplines could be beneficial in promoting mental health well-being via music.


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