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Nick Vujicic, Concert

PMA Music Foundation

Music to serve . Music to heal . Music to enjoy . Music to inspire

Founded in 2003, PMA Music Foundation (PMF) works with renowned musicians and inspirational figures around the world to touch lives through music, and to bring hope and care to the needy ones. As of today, PMF has organized over 160 events in Hong Kong, the beneficiaries include more than 20 local or global social organizations which serve children of blind, deaf, autism, mentally or physically handicapped, cancer, illiterates, children from deprived families as well as the elderly. 
PMF realizes the significant impact of music as a means to educate the young generation and founded the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong (MYO) in 2003. MYO provides professional training and performance opportunities for over 2,000 young members, of over 120 schools. Also, MYO works with international and local inspirational figures such as one-handed violinist Adrian Anantawan (Canada), armless hornist Felix Klieser (Germany), etc. with the view of delivering their positive messages and values to the public via music.
Since 2008, PMF assists Nick Vujicic, the limbless motivational speaker, for all activities held in the Asia Pacific region, reaching people in Japan, South Korea, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Cambodia, bringing good music with motivational messages to inspire people from all walks of life to dream big, never give up, and seek for a greater purpose in life, outreaching to half a billion people worldwide.
In 2019, PMF founded the True Colors Symphony (TCS), which is the largest inclusive orchestra in Hong Kong. TCS promotes the idea of “Be True, Be Colors” and that it is our differences that make us shine. It aims to promote true inclusiveness, harmony, and respect for people from all walks of life in our society and members of the symphony included people with visual or hearing impairment, physical disabilities, autism, intellectually challenges, senior citizens, ethnic minorities, youth and families. 

Ignatius Ho

Ignatius possesses a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and practices as a Certified Public Accountant for many years. In 2003, out of his passion in education, he took off his public accountant hat and founded two charities, the PMA Music Foundation and the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of HK, in view to serving the community via music.

Our world is imperfect in many ways; yet, music could always be a blessing and support to bring hope to people from all walks of life. As a universal language, not only does the limitless of music lead us to a new perspective towards life, but also heal our soul and nurture an admirable heart. Via music, one could be healed, be served, be inspired and be amused.

Ignatius is dedicated to sowing seeds of music in the younger generation. Through music, we nurture thankful and serving hearts. Through music, we make a difference by doing small things with passion. Through music, we are inspired to be a miracle to others.

Founded the orchestra with “Music Excellence with a Soul” as motto, Ignatius is convinced to use music as a platform to inspire and to educate the young generation. Since the orchestra establishment, music connects the orchestra with various admirable souls and inspiring figures, including limbless life warrior Nick Vujicic, 4-fingered pianist Lee Hee-Ah (Korea), one-handed violinist Adrian Anantawan (Canada), local blind singer Pinky Li and visually impaired pianist Lee Hin.

Ignatius is also the chief editor of his 4 children storybooks, 'Give me a Hug', 'Dream Big', 'Believe, Belong, Become', and 'Make A Difference'. In 2013, he also published a music album, Dear Lord, for Nick Vujicic.

Board of Directors

CHENG Edmond - Director of Edmond Cheng’s Music Centre, Immediate Past President, International Service Chair of Rotary Club of Hong Kong City North

DOO Sylvia - Specialist in Developmental Behavioral Paediatrics

LO Kelvin - Music Educator and Choral Conductor

TAI Keen Man - Vice-chairman of The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council, Former Deputy Director of Broadcasting (Programmes) at Radio Television Hong Kong

WU Alfred - Solicitor, Legal Consultant

Board of Advisory

ANANTAWAN Adrian, Canada Violinist & Educator (Overseas)

CHAU Wayne, Social entrepreneur (Hong Kong)


CHEW Elim, Singapore - Social Entrepreneur (Overseas)

FAN Ting, Violinist (Hong Kong)

VUJICIC Nick, Australia - Motivational Speaker (Overseas)

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