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【擁抱力克】圖畫故事書系列  “Give Me a Hug” series

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【擁抱力克】圖畫故事書系列 “Give Me a Hug” series

The "Give Me a Hug" series is a trilogy of
Nick's inspiring life:


第一部《擁抱力克》The first book, Give Me a Hug
a touching story about Nick's life from childhood to marriage

第二部《擁抱大夢想》The second book, Dream Big
an adventure story on how Nick became a motivational speaker

第三部《神采飛揚》The third book, Believe, Belong, Become::
a story of faith on how Nick overcomes his limitations and gains strength through God


This trilogy can be read in order or based on personal interest. All three storybooks consist of eight chapters describing the philosophy of life Nick has learnt and the difficulties he has encountered while growing up. They are also about how Nick adjusted his emotion and attitude to find his way out of darkness and how he took action to overcome all obstacles.

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