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Hyms of Hope Adrian Anantawan 殷兆基華裔小提琴家

Hymns of Hope: Adrian Anantawan, one-hand violinist

Hymns of Hope: Turning Disability to Achievement

樂苗基金2013-14年題音樂會<Hymns of Hope>邀請天生沒有右手的加拿大華裔小提琴家殷兆基來港與大小朋友分享他的音樂。殷氏的生命和他在音樂上的成就體現了信念的夢想的力量;因為音樂,年輕人敢於織夢;因為有夢,讓我們相信自己。<Hymns of Hope>給予我們一個機會去學會接受生命中的各種的差異、感恩我們生命中所擁有的一切和堅持追求夢想的重要。藉著殷氏的音樂,我們希望觀眾會得到啟發繼而勇敢地追求自己的夢想。



節目查詢: 2521 7673
票務查詢: 2521 7673

Adrian being interviewed by CNN: http://youtu.be/_uDSiJTE6v8
Adrian combines art and teaching: http://youtu.be/UxeP-z7W1oQ
Adrian performs Schindler List: http://youtu.be/k-uAvM6ZTLc

With immense pleasure, PMF is delighted to bring the one-arm violinist, Adrian Anantawan to Hong Kong and shares his music with everyone in town this July.  Hailed from Canada, Adrian’s life story and his achievement in music illustrate the power of faith and dream.  Hymns of Hope Concert gives all of us a chance to refresh our perspective towards life as to embrace the differences in our lives, to focus and be thankful for what we have, as well as to understand the beauty of perseverance.  Through Adrian’smusic, audiences will be inspired and pursue their dreams with faith and courage.

Discount Offer: Place the order before 30 June to enjoy special discount

3pm concert: Primary schools and kindergarten with no age limit set
8pm concert: Secondary schools and public

Ticketing enquiries: 2521 7673
Programme enquiries: 2521 7673

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