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【擁抱力克】圖畫故事書系列  “Give Me a Hug” series

小時候Little-Bitty-Silly ME

小時候 Little-Bitty_Silly ME
10.5.2015(SUN) 3PM

Jockey Club Auditorium The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

今年母親節,與媽媽一同回到小時候 隨著耳熟能詳旳兒時旋律,一起重拾小時候的天真歲月, 那時候每天無憂無慮,跑來跑去,吃著甜美零食,兒喜歡的卡通.......
世界每天不同,但童真的心人人也一樣!媽媽原來您小時和一樣那麼淘氣,喜歡大笑也 喜歡吃糖果,今天就讓我們盡情地當一天的小時候吧!

Kiddy time throwback! Alongside the familiar tunes, holding our mommy's hand, we picked up our happy memories together. We enjoyed our days running around with yummy snacks on hand and watching our all-time favorite cartoons.
Life is changing everyday but we were all once a simple child with an innocent heart. Mommy was also a naughty sweet tooth who loved to laugh like us. Let us be the Little-Bitty-Silly ME again on this Mothers' day.

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